Lawn Mowing & Care

Lawn Mowing 

Basic Lawn Mowing, average lot up to 60' x 120', and maintained Grass Length. 1 Cut or call when you need us!
Includes: String Trimming edges, and Blowing away of clippings!

*Sometimes lower on Monthly or Seasonal Service Plan 

  • Starting at $25

Lawn Scalping

 Benefits of Scalping
Although generally not recommended, scalping is advised by a few extension services, such as Mississippi State University Extension Service. Scalping helps clear away any winter debris from your lawn and exposes the soil to more sunlight.
Only Through the end of April! 

  • Typically, costs between $120-$160
  •  Priced On-site 

Lawn Striping

 Admit it. You want them. Those beautiful stripes on your lawn that'll make your grass look like ballpark grass. Clean and professional. Like the fields you see in college and professional sports stadiums.

  • Pricing is based on Pattern and Grass type but typically costs $45 & Up
  • Priced On-site

Hedge Trimming & Pruning

 With each New Spring Growth Season & Throughout the Season, you need Professionals to trim off dead areas, and protect new growth, to keep that "manicured" Magazine appearance That you want!
Hedge/Shrub Trimming, or even smaller Tree removal, YardSmart Offers you a custom plan to meet your property needs!

Many business owners need this service to keep their property so it attracks and impresses customers! 

  • Starting at $50

Garden Mulching and Edging

 Mulching is more than Aesthetic, It helps control weed growth, and support healthy Plants & Shrubs!

We Offer Spring Mulch Turning, "Spruce Up, or Replacement of All Mulch Services. Tell us what you'd like or Just ask and we can provide Professional Suggestions!

Edging is often needed every season to Keep your Mulch and Garden Beds Borders Beautiful and Functional! (Edging assists with Hydration run-off and retention! 

  • Priced On-site

Complete Landlord Real Estate Services

Property Management Services

We are offering High-Quality Affordable, Property Maintenance/Management Services, Curb Appeal Staging, Tree Removal, Landscaping, Handyman Work & More.

Compare our pricing and Quality to Any other service!

Landlords, Realtors, Flippers/Investors Call us for a full list of services to boost your Sales & Profits!