Organic Lawn & Garden Care

Harsh Chemicals- No Way!

Not Only do We provide: The Highest-Quality Lawn Mowing, Garden Care, Full Landscaping Services on a Budget and "word-of-mouth" is already spreading for all of those services!

We have also chosen to Offer Our Own "Green Alternatives" to traditional, yet hazardous, chemical lawn & garden treatments. *We actually make Our products, right here in North Central West Virginia! 

We use Organic Products- That We Create!

We Researched, Created & Tested some Organic Solutions to: Lawn Fertilizer, Weed Preventer/Killer, Animal & Pest Repellant, Garden Growth Enhancers, some failed to achieve suitable results, But Others worked better than their chemical "counterparts", and The end Result was a full line-up of Lawn & Garden Treatments, wholly Organic and with No Chemicals required! We are going to continue to expand our usage of them, in Our Services, to Our beloved Customers, and hopefully "educate" as to the importance of their usage! 

Better Products- Make a Smart Choice!

When you simply think it over: Safe for: Your Family & Pets, and Safe for the Planet- Products that Outperform their Toxic Competitors Products...

It is quite clear that it is The Smart Choice, for so many reasons... and The exclusive Provider is YardSmart!